Only Available at the E3 Expo, ORIGINS International Gaming Expo and San Diego COMIC-CON.

We have created an interactive promo CD called "the STREET WARriorS Soundtrack Volume Zer0 - The FREELANCER'S MIX" If you have any questions on how to use the CD, the answers will be located here. (See below for Frequently Asked Questions)

The CD has seven (7) tracks and an interactive demo which explains the basics of the STREET WARriorS Collectible Card Game (CCG).

The tracks are:

G-Stack one of the founders of the Delinquents (one of the dominant underground rap teams out of Oakland) worked with Lethal Entertainment to produce the Warriors, featuring Cursinado. The Delinquents have collaborated with some of Rap's greatest artists from 2-Pac, E-40, Too $hort, The Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, and Master P.

Burnt has just released Chorro and is located in Indio/San Diego CA. More information can be found at

Deconstruct started in 2003 out of Sacramento, CA. and has played with Korn, Drowning Pool, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Def Leopard and Disturbed. They have a full length album "the Human Condition" available now. More information can be found at

Plank63 entered the scene in 2003 in the New England Area. They have just released their album "Symmetry". More information can be found at

Pit Crew comes from the dark underbelly of sunny Hawaii, and provided Lethal Entertainment the custom track for "Psycho" for the STREET WARriorS Soundtrack.

UVR is from Tracy CA and have performed at the Van's Warped Tour as well as performed over 500 shows during the last three years, UVR has done 4 national tours, two European tours, and two Japan tours. They have been VERY busy since 1995 releasing two albums "Plastic World" and "Blood on the Satellite". They are currently working on their new album. More information can be found at

Collide impacted the scene in 1992 and duo has been busy with releasing five full length CDs, "Beneath the Skin", "Distort", "Chasing the Ghost", "Some Kind of Strange" and "Vortex" and have been covered in numerous magazines (Jane, Music Werks, Gothic Beauty, to name just a few). More information can be found at

Q: Ok I have the CD and put it in my computer and nothing happens... How do I run the interactive demo?
A: You will insert the CD into your computer, and will then open up your CD drive and look for the following icon:

Double click this icon and you will see the following screen...

The splash screen has an interactive jukebox you can use to play the soundtrack. Clicking on the "Launch the Interactive Demo" will actually start the game demo...

Click any of the buttons there to explore the game.

Q: Wait, something is odd... When I put the CD in my CD player, track number one seems to be either missing or blank. What's going on?
A: The data track is actually track #1. This is where the demo is at for the computers to use. Track #2 is actually the first music track. So Track #2 is actually #1, #3 is #4, etc...

Q: I've opened the demo and when I go into the Interactive Demo, I have to scroll around... It doesn't fit. Is there anything I can do?
A: Yes, the demo is designed at 800x600. It opens up in a web browser. Pressing F11 will full screen the demo and should give you more space.

Q: I've opened the player and don't know how to exit... What should I do?
A: Press the "ESC" key on your keyboard to exit...

Q: I can't get to the shows... Is there any way I can get a CD?
A: Go see the bands when they are in a town near you. We are providing the bands with CDs as well. There's a good chance they may have a few at their shows so go see em! Unfortunately, when these are gone, they are gone. These are promo CDs and we won't be selling them. Sorry.

Q: This is labeled volume Zer0. Is there going to be any more CDs?
A: Yep. We can't be more specific, but we ARE going to do more soundtracks and we are planning on some special things with them...

Q: Is there a way to see the demo without the CD?
A: Yes. You can see it at HERE